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Saplunara 2,HR-20224 Maranovici, Island Mljet,Croatia Croatia

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Mobile: + 385 98 93 90 362

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Organic production

Dear guests,
It's important to us to note that the most of the ingredients we use in our restaurant are from the island of Mljet and is organic production. So fruits, vegetables, are not treated with any pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and part comes from our own gardens. In our garden we grow 21 different sorts of organic fruit trees out of which we offer to our guetsts several like home made marmelade.
We are extremely honored to commend eco production of extra virgin olive oil which is common to the island of Mljet, and actually quite rare in the rest of the world.
We guarantee that fish, seafood, goat cheese that we offer are of the best quality and the quantities are limited.